We The People

You are not alone. We are in this together!



Shriyansh Srivastava

Shining Star

Shriyansh is a fun-loving person currently pursuing graduation in Computational Biology at IIT Gandhinagar.
Shriyansh is actively involved in social work for People with Disabilities and otherwise.
Shriyansh is always available to help when asked for. He is dedicated towards FSHD research and finding a cure.

Sonal Narang

Shining Star

Sonal is a professor of economics and has a rich experience in social work.
Sonal has given free classes to children from slums.
Sonal is serious and fun at the same time. she enjoys making video reels in her pass time.

Suraj Acharya

Shining Star

Suraj is Masters in Biotechnology and has a vast experience in scientific research. His last project was on Ophthalmology.
Suraj is down to earth humble man. Always available to help others.

Neeraj Singh

Shining Star

Neeraj is a successful businessman and a local politician from U.P.
Neeraj has been the sole caretaker of his family including 3 siblings who also has FSHD.
Neeraj is passionate about networking with FSHD community and has connected many members to this forum.

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